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John R. Pike Calendars for sale

$10 each plus $5.65 Priority Mail shipping for up to 5 calendars

Email Patsy Cunningham at patsygc@gmail.com to order. Pay by mailing a check (I will email you the address) or I will send Paypal invoice if you prefer

Sample pages, click to enlarge:

13 month calendar

Months are:

1—prior to 1950
3a— 1970—1989 bloom
3b—1970—1989 clump
4a—1990—1999 bloom
4b-1990-1999 clump
5a—2000—2009 bloom
5b—2000—2009 clump
6a-2010 + bloom
6b 2010+ clump
8- gardens

2018 future PDS meeting dates:


Luncheon at Espadrilles for PDS members,

contact George Doorakian


Nov 3

Potluck with daylily presentations

Orders for calendars and preview of calendar

Meeting 12-4

Bedford Library

the November meeting  will be a pot luck luncheon.  Please let Mary know what  you are  bringing so the club can supplement.

The meeting will continue discussions of how to grow our club that was  begun in October. If you won't be attending, please send back to her  the answers to her questions sent after the October meeting. She  will  also have some PowerPoint programs of award-winning daylily  photographs from around the country from the American Daylily Society.

A reminder: Please respond to Mary by November 4th to the  
communication about the December holiday luncheon hosted by the club  that she and VP George Doorakian sent out on October 24th - we will be  having it at Cafe Escadrille in Burlington, MA on December 8th at 1:00  p.m. Hope to see many of you on November 3rd and December 8th!


Photo Contest Winners


1- pre 1950

Autumn Red
Stout 1941
Martha Pike


2- 1950-1969
Arguimbau 1969

Greg Haggett


3a - 1970-1989
Charles Johnston, Gates 1981
Greg Haggett


3b- 1980-1989 multiple
Along the Way
Stevens 1980
Nick Chase


4a -1991-2000
All American Chief

Sellers 1994
Nancy Rigsby



4b-1991-2000 multiple
Moonstruck Madness
Salter 1998
Greg Haggett


5a- 2000-2009
Green Martian
Couturier 2005
Nick Chase

5b- 2000-2009 multiple
Neon Flamingo
Gossard 2006
Nick Chase


6a -2010+
Townsend 2014
Nick Chase


6b-2009+ multiple
Tidewater Elf
Holmes 2012
Nancy Rigsby


7- Seedlings
Doorakian seedling 1018
George Doorakian


8- Gardens
Helen Ferrari garden
Greg Haggett



FYI: At the November 2017 PDS meeting new officers for 2018-2019 were elected: President - Mary Collier Fisher; Vice President - George Doorakian; Secretary - Nick Chase; Treasurer - Tom Riccio; Director at Large - Patsy Cunningham. (Ex-officio/ appointed, most are continuing: Past President - Kate Reed; Bedford liaison - George Doorakian; Membership - Bobbie Chase; Librarian - Manny Baghdayan; Webmaster - Patsy Cunningham. The position of Hospitality Chair is still vacant.)


Other Daylily Societies - Meetings

Connecticut Daylily Society: January 20, 2018, Nick Chase, 2017 AHS National Convention gardens and CDS open gardens; March 17, 2018, Stuart Kendig, Perfect Perennials, York, PA; May 19, 2018, plant sale (10AM - 2PM); September 29, 2018 (11AM - 3 PM); November 3, 2018. All meetings/sales at Avon Senior Center, Avon, Conn, noon to 3PM except as noted.

New England Daylily Society: January 13, 2018, annual photo contest; March 10, 2018; April 14, 2018. All meetings at Tower Hill, Boylston, Mass., except as noted.

National and regional: June 6-10, 2018, AHS National, Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC. July 27-29, 2018, Region IV Regional, Atlantica Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia.



Patriot Daylily Society Meeting

Saturday, November 4,  noon to 4



Stout Medal winner George and Paula Doorakian

 with Mary Collier Fisher



Road to the Stout Medal"

George Doorakian





Private Gardens: Open 10 AM - 3:30 PM

Wed., 7/11

Russ & Claudette Allen

18 Point Arrowhead Road

Guilford, CT

(203) 457-0121


An ADS Display Garden. Open on other days as well, as noted below. If the garden is unattended, please feel free to enter the daylily garden through the opening in the deer fence on the side of the garden facing the house.


Helen & Lauren Nordvall

21 Stoneleigh Road

Trumbull, CT

(203) 261-4745



Sat., 7/14

Cheryl Fox & Phillip Douville

27 Duncaster Road

Bloomfield, CT

(860) 243-3422



Kim Krodel

123 Cold Spring Road

Avon, CT



Rebecca Nisley

14 Stony Corners Circle

Avon, CT

(860) 673-9591



Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 7/18

Bonnie & Chris Szarek

9 Reservoir Road

Newington, CT

(860) 521-1162



Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 7/21

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 7/25

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 7/28

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 8/1

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 8/4

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Commercial Gardens

Bloomingfields Farm

Lee & Diana Bristol

PO Box 5

Gaylordsville, CT 06755

(860) 354-6951


Open on summer weekends. Please call for an appointment and directions.



Rich Howard

76 Anderson Road

Wallingford, CT 06492

(203) 294-9520


An ADS Display Garden. Please call or email for an appointment.





Saturday, October 7, 2017, noon to 4 PM, Bedford Library

Dan Bachman (Valley of the Daylilies)

Lebanon, Ohio

Dan and Jackie Bachman operate a plant farm which specializes in daylilies, where they grow more than 3800 daylily cultivars, plus thousands of new seedlings under evaluation from Dan's breeding program. Valley of the Daylilies is an AHS display garden, and a commercial sales garden, plus the hybridizing program. The Bachmans also grow several hundred hostas, iris, peonies and other perennials which are available at the farm. They always enjoy visits, scheduled or unscheduled, during growing season.

Valley Of The Daylilies has the most complete collection of spider and unusual form daylilies found anywhere (including Dan's own hybrid introductions). The farm also has an extensive collection of historic (pre-1980) cultivars. Peak bloom is generally early July (Zone 6A, 30 miles north of Cincinnati and 70 miles south of Columbus). Each year in early July the "Northern Mecca" open gardens feature a half-dozen or more of the top hybridizers in southwestern Ohio, with the Northern Mecca annual picnic at Valley Of The Daylilies on Saturday night of that weekend event.

Dan is currently in the midst of his annual pre-lining-out sale, with hundreds of cultivars on sale at the website store (www.valleyofthedaylilies.com), from 25% to 60% off (look for price markdowns in the listings). All sizes, forms and price ranges are included, and many Bachman introductions are available. (Some varieties are limited.) The sale ends September 30, and Dan notes that if you order plants from him in September he will hand-deliver them to you (space permitting - first come, first served) at the October 7 meeting, thereby saving you shipping charges.





Region 4 Summer Picnic
You’re Invited!

When: July 23, 2017

Where: Noel’s Nursery

77 Tully, Road , Orange, Massachusetts USA

Click here for printable flyer

( at the border between Vermont and New Hampshire)


1. An oportunity to see historic daylilies from Martha and John Pike

2. An oportunity to see a huge selection

of daylilies at peak, seedlings, perennials, shrubs and trees.

Remember to bring your Camera or Phone!

3. An oportunity to take the GARDEN JUDGE 2 WORKSHOP

Contact : Gary Jones gardenworkshops@daylilies.org  alternative garyjones0198@charter.net  so he will have enough materials $5.00

4. Meet daylilies friends and maybe visit some

of the great private gardens along the way. Remember to contact them first.

katydaylily@yahoo.com  or katydaylily@gmail.com

Please remember to bring your own lunch and chair as there is no cost for this event.

Pictures below and checkout the nursery on facebook

Noel's Nursery



PDS exhibition at Tower Hill, Boylston, MA.

"Patriot Nation"
July 16
Tower Hill Botanic Center

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Photos posted here, more to come.

Please send me yours


Photo Contest Results



Download of Slide Show of the 2016 Photo Contest
(member's only section) 

Also view on You Tube through private link
in Member's only section

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Previous Years' Photo Contest Winners




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